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Gianfranco Fiore

Gianfranco Fiore was born in Switzerland in 1972. He studied at the Monreale Art Institute and the Accademia of Palermo, where he took a degree in Decorative Painting. Among the narrow ancient streets of Palermo’s historic centre he discovered the world of the Sicilian cart and fell in love: he began frequenting the prestigious workshops of the few master craftsmen still in operation and learned traditional decorating techniques from them. He then opened his own studio in Partinico and, with passion and patience, tracked down damaged carts and restored them with the aim of conserving the carts themselves and passing on the tradition. He initiated a series of collaborations with local artisans, creating marvellous carts for folkloric parades and private collections; he also experiments with applying classic cart decorations on other vehicles and design objects.


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Jousting paladins

Enamel and oil, 60 x 151 x 68.2 cm
The jousting games of the Carolingian paladins, traditionally painted on the sides of Sicilian carts, are the main source of inspiration for the decorations of this refrigerator. During the tournaments, the knights would measure their battle skills against each other, vying for the admiration of noblewomen and princesses. In the upper part of the front panel, the paladins are depicted shoulder to shoulder as they cross swords in a gesture of challenge, while the lower part features the scene of their duel. On the right side panel is the triumph of the squire on horseback, brandishing the banner of victory, while the left panel depicts the hero receiving tribute from a gracious young maiden.

  • Static

  • Storage volume fresh food compartment: 247 l

  • Interior light

  • 3 adjustable glass shelves

  • Glass shelf to cover fruit and vegetable container

  • Bottle shelf

  • 1 fruit and vegetables drawer

  • Adjustable balcony storage with metal supports

  • 4 adjustable balconies

  • 2 balcony shelves with transparent covers

  • 1 bottle balcony with metal wire

  • Storage frozen food compartment: 21 l

  • Static

  • Accessories internal compartment: Ice tray

  • Annual energy consumption: 280 kWh

  • Voltage: 120 V

  • Current: 2 A

  • Frequency: 60 Hz