Refrigerator of Art Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg LC07BLU

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Michelangelo Lacagnina

Michelangelo Lacagnina was born in Caltanissetta in 1967. His first encounter with art happened at a very young age: at just 5 years old, he decided to draw the 40 cards of the Sicilian deck. Since then he has been painting, sculpting, engraving, inlaying and generally expanding his knowledge of the oil, tempera, charcoal and mosaic techniques in an expressive style that has been distinctively his own from the outset. After becoming certified as an art instructor, he took a teaching degree in Art and Set Design and later specialised in interior design in Palermo. He paints on glass, wood, ceramic and other materials. His creations are imbued with a deep sense of attachment to Sicily, whose landscape and unique light he interprets in an absolutely original way. His latest collection is titled “Mediterranean Suggestions”.


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Enamel and oil, 60 x 151 x 68.2 cm
The decoration of this refrigerator is inspired by the songs and dances of popular Sicilian tradition, particularly the Tarantella and the Taratatà. The latter, whose name mimics the sound of a drum, is performed in Casteltermini, in the province of Agrigento, during the month of May to propitiate the fertility of the soil. The choreography of the dancers in traditional costume is painted on all three panels, two of which have famous sites in the background, the church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti in Palermo and Piazza del Duomo in Catania. In the upper panels are the musical instruments (mandolin, guitar, drums, bummuli) that accompany the dances, while a map of Sicily graces the top.

  • Static

  • Storage volume fresh food compartment: 247 l

  • Interior light

  • 3 adjustable glass shelves

  • Glass shelf to cover fruit and vegetable container

  • Bottle shelf

  • 1 fruit and vegetables drawer

  • Adjustable balcony storage with metal supports

  • 4 adjustable balconies

  • 2 balcony shelves with transparent covers

  • 1 bottle balcony with metal wire

  • Storage frozen food compartment: 21 l

  • Static

  • Accessories internal compartment: Ice tray

  • Annual energy consumption: 280 kWh

  • Voltage: 120 V

  • Current: 2 A

  • Frequency: 60 Hz